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Enough about you...

Now what about me?

3 January
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Enjoy The Whirligigzine, Son of Whirligig*.

*"Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time" (Alan Moore, Very Short Stories. Wired, Nov. 2006)

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Get To Know Me!

A few years ago I relocated from Philadelphia where I was once involved with the late Theater Center Philadelphia, in ways both artistic and businesslike. Currently I hang out in Brattleboro, Vermont.

I've worked for several northern New Jersey newspapers as a columnist, reporter and photographer; have written on film for publications like Cinefantastique and on collectibles for Scott's Monthly, among others; had my fiction appear in national magazines. You can also find a sage quote of mine, re marriage, in Jaime Allen's book How to Survive Your Marriage: by Hundreds of Happy Couples Who Did and Some Things to Avoid, From a Few Ex-Spouses who Didn't (Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides). Take a guess which category in the title I fit into.

Online my work -- usually humorous -- has appeared in McSweeney's, Lee Klein's Eyeshot, Hobart, etc. I am currently a founding member in good standing of The Guild of Outsider Writers (outsiderwriters.org). Let's see how long it takes me to screw something up there. To find my stuff Google J.D. Finch.

My most unusual work involved paying down legal fees (don't ask) by writing jokes for a lawyer to tell at a local-celebrity roast. I was also tenuously connected to the then "greatest living American author," Neal Pollack, as President of the Neal Pollack Fan Club. (For my trouble, Pollack made me, J. Douglas Finch, a character in his rock 'n roll novel, Never Mind The Pollacks. I'm on page 138. Or is it 139? Anyway, I make my appearance right after Iggy Pop. Nice company, don't you think?)

In the real world I write about philately (that's stamp collecting) for The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles and at About.com. I have a semi-dormant genre ezine called The Whirligigzine. I have threatened to have it rise from the muck and mire and be The Zine That Conquered The World, but those threats have so far been empty. I have not given up though. (With the threats, yes; with hopes for its reanimation, certainly not.)